Criminal Minds: Which Stars Might Be Leaving?

TV Guide:
There has been some real-life drama lately surrounding Criminal Minds. While the CBS procedural has yet to be renewed, several cast members have received final contract offers, but two stars have turned them down, Deadline reports.

Kirsten Vangsness and A.J. Cook, who are negotiating together, have both refused offers from CBS and production company ABC Studios due to the poor treatment of female cast members. Upset over the fact that the show's female stars are paid less than half of what their male co-workers receive, Vangsness and Cook are reportedly willing to leave the series if they don't get equal pay to their male counterparts.

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alycakes1843d ago

I'm on their side and hope they get what they want because the show wouldn't be the same without the whole team especially without Garcia.

Hergula1842d ago

Oh brother, not this again. Why are they getting paid less than the other actors? Garcia is important to the team essentially because she is the lifeline between Hotch´s team and the BAU. Not only that but JJ is one of my personal favorites of the show and I was deeply disturbed by the fact that they decided to kick her off the show once already. Then the fans, including me, made a sound and they hired her back, thanks God they are listening to the fans.

Both Garcia and JJ are great characters, and they are easily the best female characters the show has ever had, they have had character growth, in-depth development and they are simply brilliant actresses. Both characters were more in the background in the first couple of seasons, yet some of the best episodes to date include those lovely ladies. I support their decision all the way, yet I hope that they get paid as well, Fair is fair, bottom line.