Zoe Saldana: 'Avatar' Sequels Will Be Filmed Together


Zoe Saldana has suggested that the two Avatar sequels will be filmed simultaneously.

The actress, who played Neytiri in the first installment of the James Cameron movie franchise, said that shooting the second and third movies needed to happen "at the same time".

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Crazay1776d ago

They better get theirs collective arses in gear. The actors aren't getting any younger and neither is Jim Cameron.

ironfist921776d ago

I thought Jimmy Cameraman was already making the sequels?

aDDicteD1776d ago

avatar was like my third most favorite film of all time and i hope it wont make standard sequels like matrix did...i hope the next films can match the original and be a trilogy in comparison with lord of the rings.

ironfist921776d ago

Is it just me, or does she look ALOT like Jada Pinkett Smith in that article photo?

alycakes1775d ago

I thought the movie was okay but it wasn't one that I would go see more than once like I did with so many others.