The First Clip From The Hangover Part III Has Arrived


On the heels of this morning's gamecock poster, Warner Bros. Pictures has released the very first full clip from Todd Phillips' The Hangover Part III.

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Crazay1457d ago

Oh hairy dumb Ruh-tard

Hergula1457d ago

Haha, looks funny as hell.

StarWarsFan1457d ago

I'm eager to see this just because it looks different. The second movie was just a repeat of the plot of the first. It just didn't have enough fresh material.

Plagasx1456d ago (Edited 1456d ago )

Totally agree. I'm hoping this one is a big change.

Blasphemy1456d ago

Didn't care for the second one, on some scenes it seemed like they were trying to hard.

aDDicteD1448d ago

that was funny, i really hope this one is as good as part 1