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5 Reasons A Black Human Torch Is No Big Deal

BAD: A black person is being cast as a white comic book character! This news sends the internet into a tizzy, but how much of that is Aspergian slavery to canon versus straight up racism? After all, internet comic book nerds regularly fancast people in comic book movies based solely on their looks; every redhead in Hollywood has, at one point, been fancast as Mary Jane Watson.

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darklordzor1906d ago

When this news came out I didn't even think about it honestly. I thought he did good in Chronicle and I wouldn't mind seeing him play this character. It wasn't until a couple days later that I remembered, the comic book character was white. It's just not a big deal for me. I've always been an advocate that the best actor should get the role regardless.

Deadpool6161904d ago

The only thing that concerns me about the film so far is Josh Trank as the director. Giving the Fantastic Four to a guy with one movie under him is a risky move to me. Chronicle was good, but it was hard to get a sense of his directing ability. The found footage type of filming is limited to a first person perspective and we have yet seen anything else he has done beyond that. Hopefully he does a great job.

Hergula1905d ago

I personally have nothing against a different ethnicity playing a character that in the comics is black,white,blue,orange or pink. To be quite frank, It doesn´t matter whatsoever, yet the only thing that may disturb the people is that a different ethnicity may come with many changes, yet I doubt that. As long as the character is well developed and the actor can do his or hers job well, there is no problem.

KingPin1905d ago

just one problem, he will be the first to die. :P

hazelamy1905d ago

yeah but for a comic book character, that's not such a problem.
Johhny's already died a couple of times hasn't he?

DarkBlood1905d ago

Not a problem for me, would still be a favourite F4 member due to having fire powers

hazelamy1905d ago

can he do a good job is the main question.
and as the director Trank has worked with Jordan before on Chronicle he knows what he's capable of, if he thinks he'll be good for the part, then frankly, that's good enough for me.

though i think DeHaan gave the standout performance in Chronicle, Jordan did a very job.

they turned the Kingpin into a black guy in the Daredevil movie, and Michael Clarke Duncan was arguably the best thing in the film.

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