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Concept Art From Tim Burton's Superman Lives Featuring Brainiac, Eradicator & Doomsday

CBM: Conceptual illustrator, Rolf Mohr, was tasked with creating character, costume and ship designs for Tim Burton's defunct Superman Lives. The infamous Superman film that would've starred Nicolas Cage as Kal-El. Hit the jump to check them out.

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ijust2good1900d ago

The suits looks cool but very closely resembles the one in the upcoming movie. However, Nicolas cage does not fit well with the superman character. Not by a long shot.

aDDicteD1901d ago

the concept art looks cool, however, i dont think tim burton will make a good superman film if ever, he did a fine job in batman and batman returns but superman is another story. nicholas cage as superman would probably be a disgraceful movie similar to batman forever / batman and robin.

Sarobi1901d ago

Cage as Superman?.. no thanks.

Hergula1900d ago

I fully agree with you.

karim1896d ago

Would have a been a really, really weird to see an actor like Cage play Superman

kingPoS1901d ago

Tim Burton... Nicholas Cage... Superman...

Ow! My brain hurts.

DeadManMcCarthy1901d ago

Nic Cage must have been heartbroken when the movie never made it into production. He's like one of the biggest Superman nerds.

KingPin1901d ago

i thank god this movie got canned.
this followed by superman returns would kill the franchise altogether.
glad this reboot was given to people who know how to do comic book movies.
man of steel looks awesome.
cant wait!!

as for nic cage as superman, i cant see a balding superman. it just doesn't look right. its like picking an actor without a buff body to play superman, just doesn't look right.

DeadManMcCarthy1900d ago

lol yeah, me either. nic cage used to be good though, i remember in the 90's he was a great action star, now he just takes any role he can get. he's definitely no superman though.

even if the nic cage superman movie was made i'd still watch it because it'd be hilarious.

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