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Interview with Xan Cassavetes, Joséphine de La Baume and Roxane Mesquida on Kiss of the Damned

There is a mysterious woman down the street you have a strange attraction to. She is sad, beautiful and darkly ominous in her refusals to even say, “Hi.” Conventional wisdom would suggest she’s just not that into you, but this is the luscious and lurid Xan Cassavetes film, Kiss of the Damned. With a title like that, you can bet that her true motives definitely have a bite.

We at Den of Geek had the chance to sit down with Cassavetes, as well as her two French leading ladies: Joséphine de La Baum, who plays the film’s lovely and demure fanged heroine Djuna; and Roxane Mesquida, Kiss of the Damned’s Mimi, a hellfire seductress with all sorts of ravenous appetites. Together, we discussed all things vampire, sex, vampire sex and everything in-between.

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