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Study: Half of Moviegoers Think Trailers Give Away All the Best Scenes

For the past several months, trailers for this summer's most anticipated films have been hitting the web on a nearly daily basis.

But the trailers aimed at getting moviegoers excited for these big-budget releases may be showing off a bit too much.

According to a new study, half (49 percent) of Americans feel that movie trailers these days give away too many of a movie’s best scenes, with a full 16 percent agreeing strongly.

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alycakes1845d ago

I do agree with this to a certain extent on some movies. I've also seen some scenes on some trailers that I never see in the movie itself.

KingPin1845d ago (Edited 1845d ago )

this is why when a movie you excited for is coming out, dont watch any trailers, read any news etc about it until the movie comes out. sometimes its nice to be wowed in the cinema than walking in with high hopes only to be disappointed.

still havent seen any trailers of man of steel aside from the 1st teaser they released last year. coz after superman returns i was sceptical. the teaser convinced me it could be special.

aDDicteD1836d ago

i think it is a marketing strategy, casual movie goers tend to see films which show a good trailer and i think the first priority of a film is to make money and it does not really regard if the trailer shown a little bit too much as long as priority 1 is met.