TV Fanatic Review: Arrow - Episode 21

TV Fanatic writes:
We finally got the full picture of everything that has gone into "The Undertaking" and how long it has been in development. It's what got Robert killed and Walter kidnapped. It's still moving forward.

The list is a side project that was only barely connected to it. I never imagined Malcolm would have known about the list and helped Robert to create it. They were actually working together.

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Sahil1901d ago

An intense episode, Tommy was such a d**k to laurel. I really really hope they are not going to make him the bad guy of the story, Malcolm is doing such a great job at that. Oliver face when malcolm called him over said it all, he is gonna pay for what he did to Walter! And i'm going to enjoy every minute of it.

ironfist921900d ago (Edited 1900d ago )

I find Tommy to be just as dark and cold as his dad, yet his dad has the nerve to hide that behind a warm smile.

So who's really the baddie here?

And I mean, if Tommy cant accept his best friend being a murderer, why would he accept that his distant father is a murderer?