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Kiss of the Damned Review | Den of Geek

Kiss of the Damned has style to spare, as it creates a number of kinky set pieces that celebrate the female vampire in a way that few others have in recent memory. These are neither the painfully homogenized commercial vampires of current pop culture infamy, nor their dark and dank underground counterpoints. They are the libidinous, angelic types that steamed up European cinema from an era of horror long gone. However, this return is marked with very little story to tether it to the screen with and some questionable performances in the margins to boot. For those looking for an Undead experience just as much about the carnal as the carnage, this rough-around-the-edges indie will likely not disappoint. But there is not much to please here beyond the physical.

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aDDicteD1892d ago

regardless of the score i will still watch this sexy vampire film since the trailer looks scary and is a pure hardcore vampire movie.