IBM Creates Smallest Movie Ever With 'A Boy And His Atom'

Scientists from IBM today unveiled the world's smallest movie, made with one of the tiniest elements in the universe: atoms. Named "A Boy and His Atom," the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS -verified movie used thousands of precisely placed atoms to create nearly 250 frames of stop-motion action.

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Best-Horror-Movies1539d ago

Thats a pretty crazy concept. I had no ideas that would even be possible.

Shani1539d ago

fun concept and nice smallest movie. Now where is my Atom?

adorie1539d ago


jXales1539d ago

what are the atoms on?

if atoms make everything around us what is the "background" of this movie?
Where there aren't atoms...

sourav931539d ago

Since when does a vacuum not have atoms?

Rauland1539d ago

Think of those brain xrays that only pick up a slice of the brain.

StarWarsFan1539d ago

It reminds me of old experimental footage we sometimes see from decades ago.