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Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Glimpsed In Latest X-Men: Days Of Future Past BTS Image


Director Bryan Singer has tweeted yet another nugget from the set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, showing a shot from behind of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine donning a leather jacket.

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aDDicteD1904d ago

in the original days of the future past storyline, logan is one of the last mutants left all other remaining x men where killed and hunted down by the sentinels, i dont know if this scenario would be injected to the film, but new reports that they are having bishop in the film might raise the possibilities.

Crazay1903d ago

My only real exposure to the DoFP story was in the cartoon from the 90s and I loved it. Am really looking forward to this.

aDDicteD1899d ago

it was one of my favorite episodes, they even showed a glimpse of a cemetery with all of the x men in it, presumably annahilated by the sentinels..only few mutant survivors were left including logan. i hope they do include showing mutants being hunted in the next film.

Crazay1899d ago

YES! I totally remember that scene and it was awesome

Crazay1904d ago

Pretty wild how much is actually digitally inserted into movies now eh?

DarkBlood1904d ago

well the tech has gotten better and will only continue to do so at this rate, you could destroy actual locations and turn it into the future city *if you know what i mean by that* and just do all the beautiful nature stuff digitally and no one would notice a damn to an extent lol

alycakes1904d ago

I thought he was suppose to be in it anyway.

Crazay1903d ago

yea, there was no doubt. He's a pretty important piece to the story.

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