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Set Videos Of Amazing Spider-Man 2 Chase Scene


Today, filming of a huge chase scene for Marc Webb's The Amazing Spider-Man is taking place on Main Street in Rochester, New York. Watch as cops pursue an Oscorp truck being towed by a big rig.

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neoragex1904d ago

I'm LOVING all of the day time scenes. The best scene action sequence from the first movie was the school fight because you could actually see what was happening! Among other reasons too of course, but that definitely helps. Nighttime =/= more dramatic necessarily. (take the Avengers / TDKR rises final battles for example) Can't wait to see this all come together.

aDDicteD1904d ago

I wonder who were those two guys on the site article first video, they look like mercenaries.
I love how the truck just pass through those police barricade, surely the editing on that scene and the whole chase scene will be great.

Sahil1902d ago

I really like the suit, but why only make it like that now? That is the classic bona-fide comic book suit. Why not make it like that in the first one? Because if the idea was to make it different and unique it sure as hell bares next to no resemblance to the suit in the origin.