Die Hard 6 Gets a Screenwriter and a Title

Total Film

After the Russia-based antics of A Good Day To Die Hard, we’ve gleaned some exclusive details about the next installment in the Die Hard franchise.

Die Hard 6 - or Die Hardest, as it’s currently known - is currently at the writing stage, with Brit Ben Trebilcook penning a treatment.

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aDDicteD1907d ago

they should get new writers and a good director for the next one, the last die hard film was easily the weakest of the bunch. they should take some time and construct a more clever plot.

Crazay1906d ago

I haven't seen the most recent Die Hard but I would like them to take it back to Christmas....No matter what anyone tells me, Die Hard 1 and 2 are Christmas movies.

ironfist921907d ago


Let the series die...hard.

Crazay1906d ago

Naww....don't kill it. just be smart with it.

alycakes1906d ago

I dont' care what they do but the next one should be with both of his kids in it.