The Following: "The Final Chapter": IGN Review

When actor James Purefoy told me, in this IGN interview which posted yesterday, that creator Kevin Williamson intended to "keep the hook planted firmly in the upper lip" of the audience at the end of "The Final Chapter," I never realized that that meant having our hero and his one true love both being stabbed in his kitchen. I took it to mean that we'd be left with a tease of what might happen in Season 2. Silly me. Because why not stab someone in the gut when their gut is just so damned stabable?

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alycakes1904d ago

I thought it was okay but still lacked something...what was it? Oh yeah....brains....they acted like once Joe Carroll was dead everything was okay and all those other crazy people he left behind weren't crazy anymore...

Sahil1901d ago

It was a nice cliffhanger and overall fun show but i doubt ill be returning for season 2. It got too formulaic.