Gears of War Movie Adaptation Moving Forward With New Producer


It appears that plans for a big screen adaptation for the video game franchise Gears Of War (which has also spawned DC comic books) are moving ahead, as Ted and 47 Ronin producer Scott Stuber has gained the film rights and will develop the script with Epic.

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StarWarsFan1398d ago

This could be awesome. I hope they give it the attention it deserves unlike with Doom.

UnwanteDreamz1397d ago

There aren't enough roid junkies in Hollywood to cast it.

konnerbllb1397d ago

rumor has it that the rock is cast as marcus

KingPin1398d ago

this could be awesome if its made properly.
but knowing hollywood, they just gonna make any POS and cash in like they do with most movies based on games.

neoragex1397d ago

My thoughts exactly, this could be another disaster waiting to happen anytime soon. But i'd absolutely love it too, if is any good.

Crazay1398d ago

I already have some cast members in mind for this series. I doubt they'd be the same people on the casting decision maker's list though.

KingPin1398d ago

go ahead. give us the list. dont be shy.

Crazay1398d ago

whoops...meant to respond to you here. Accidentally posted my response below

Crazay1398d ago

Marcus Speight - Cole
Ray Liotta - Baird
Dave Bautista - Marcus Fenix
Bryan Cranston -Adam Fenix
Gina Carrano - Sam
Amy Adams -Anya

Legion1398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Too many big names. And Ray Liotta is damn 58 years old...!!!! How old do you think Bairds character is????

And Bryan Cranston???!!! WHAT? Joking right?

Are we like talking the geriatric version of Gears of War?

Here is a link to a better list (Minus the crap choice of Stanley Tucci) http://www.comicbookmovie.c...

Rory McCann would make a better Adam Fenix.

UnwanteDreamz1397d ago

Gonna feed them roids?

Only way it will resemble gears.

aDDicteD1398d ago

I would really hope that this one will turn out good cause it's one of the well known franchise in video game. Hopefully a great casting as well as a great script.

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