Latest Amazing Spider-Man 2 Production Pic Features Colm Feore & Some Pointy Teeth


Yesterday director Marc Webb Tweeted an image of what appeared to be some huge Woolly Mammoth tusks, and today it's the jaws of a Sabertooth tiger. Part of the movie seems to be set in a Natural History Museum -- is this building up to something Rhino related?


There was also this image which I hadn't seen last night when I stumbled upon the first image.

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Crazay1878d ago

What about Kraven? Perhaps it foreshadows of things to come with him in the next movie?

hazelamy1878d ago

it made me think of Kraven as well.

Crazay1877d ago I'm not just crazy then. excellent.

Sahil1876d ago

The whole series is sorta revolving around the spectacular spiderman and also the original Comics.

aDDicteD1877d ago

Definitely! that shot is a kraven tease.

neoragex1876d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Colm Feore is Kraven. It would be cool for him to be the high up security for Ravencroft since maybe he is the one that caught all the inmates in Ravencroft and Rhino is the animal that escaped.

Something tells me a trailer is commencing. They always reveal who the villains are with some promo pics or set pics, and then they reveal a trailer weeks before or a week after Comic Con. I'm sensing a reveal for Rhino pretty soon.

aDDicteD1877d ago

I dont know if that is rhino related. I'm more convinced that it is more of a kraven the hunter reference (i hope). and I'd be glad if they will introduce the sinister six for the third film.

Sahil1876d ago

I think rhino is going to be in the begining and spiderman is going easily beat him(somehow) and then electro is going to brake him out of raven croft to help fight spiderman.