Potential Man Of Steel Spoilers In "Superman Saves Smallville" Junior Novel

CBM: As we saw with The Dark Knight Rises, these illustrated storybooks aren't always a perfect match with the film that they are based on, but sometimes they do reveal a spoiler or two. Thus, be careful. Hit the jump to see a few pages.

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aDDicteD1849d ago

cant help but read the might be a potential spoiler of superman outsmarting his foes but the novel included three enemies, correct me if im wrong but the film only has 2 with zod and faora only in it. i think the battle will go in a different direction but may be substantially the same.

neoragex1849d ago

I love the way this film pays Homage to Donner's Superman and some elements from early seasons of Smallville which were 2 important pieces in the exploration and expansion of the mythos.

Smallville Haters be damned :D