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Oblivion Review | LRA

LRA writes: Watching director Joseph Kosinski's new film "Oblivion" is a stark reminder that he knows how to make very pretty films with impactful and emotionally stirring soundtracks to complement those amazing visuals (which was the same case with his other film "Tron: Legacy"). However, another trait of his is also in full view which isn't so flattering, for all it's visual and auditory splendor, for all it's clever narrative twists and turns and for all it's attempts to infuse their characters with a soul, the entire film from beginning to end remains a soulless, cold and calculated experience with not one iota of an original idea or emotional resonance in its plot hole riddled post apocalyptic landscape.

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Sahil1904d ago

I really enjoyed it I thought the effects were fantastic I couldn't even tell it was special effects half of the time I thought it was a fun time no alcohol required and tom cruise was great.