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Want To Know How Agent Coulson Returns In ‘Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.?’

/Film says

Agent Coulson’s fate in Marvel’s The Avengers was the emotional center of the movie. It was also a huge disappointment. The event certainly helped motivate the team to assemble and save the world, but it also meant we probably wouldn’t see Clark Gregg‘s fantastic character again.

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krazykombatant1907d ago

LOL here i thought, they faked this death to try and get them all to bond together. "HOW COULD YOU BE SOO STUPID!??!"

Well Maria claimed the cards were in his locker so how could they get covered with blood. He faked the death.... anyways. yeah.

aDDicteD1905d ago

not a good move, it looks like he really is in pain during his confrontation with loki and DIED. it would have better left that way. on the other hand, well he is an instant addition in phase 2.