The Big Bang Theory: "The Closure Alternative": IGN Review

Few things in life are more aggravating than having your favorite TV series be prematurely canceled after a major cliffhanger. That pain and turmoil formed the basis of this week's Big Bang Theory, as Sheldon reacted poorly to the cancellation of Alphas. The average nerd would just sigh wistfully and move on to waiting for the new Arrested Development season to hit Netflix, but Sheldon isn't one to take such an offense lying down. His inner turmoil and complete inability to deal with improper closure led to a number of humorous moments this week.

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alycakes1912d ago

I really can't blame Sheldon on some of these things that he had to have closure on...I'm not a fanatic about everything but there are things that do have to be finished or you shouldn't start them. It was very funny watching him and Amy though.

neoragex1910d ago

Yeah, think Sheldon is what is keeping this show alive :)