Exclusive Hemlock Grove Featurette: Dissecting the Werewolf Transformation

Netflix reportedly has a hit on its hands with Hemlock Grove, the latest original series to stem from the VOD service, and today, we were provided with a 3-minute featurette that takes a look at the most talked about scene from the 13-episode season: The werewolf transformation.

In the featurette - entitled "It Hurts So Good" - the crew, including executive producer Eli Roth, discuss the nature of the transformation, performed by Landon Laboiron, and how it was executed.

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alycakes1911d ago

This is something I might watch.

aDDicteD1910d ago

this is the second best werewolf transformation i have seen, just behind american werewolf in london.

FullMetalTech1910d ago

I have to agree. I watched the whole series. When I first saw him transform I was WTF. That definitely was a great transformation scene.