Arrow: "Home Invasion": IGN Review

Deadshot isn't the only assassin on the loose.

Well that was depressing. It seems nobody was better off for the events of this week's Arrow episode. "Home Invasion" was full of death, heartache, and relationship breakups. Oliver Queen might just have to start wearing that dark eye shadow permanently. But as is usually the case in superhero storytelling, the more our heroes suffer, the more enjoyable the end result.

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alycakes1913d ago

I had a great night of watching 2 of my favorite show and 1 show that makes me laugh. Arrow couldn't have been better. It has only one more to go before the finale and I can't wait to see what they come up with. The same with Supernatural that follows right after. Since I couldn't get interested in 'The Americans' I decided to watch Duck Dynasty and as stupid as it makes me laugh and ending the day with laughter is the best medicine.

vanethe1911d ago

i find arrow is a lot like smallville , the pace and the whole thing is very similar to it .

i hope the show will get better , because it doesnt have much depth in it and there is no character that i care about .

the Roy plot is the only thing i care about right now.

neoragex1909d ago

This is my favorite episode thus far. Mr Blank was a excellent villain despite the lack of depth. I loved that he explained how that one guy was going to die then before he left said "nothing personal". Too bad they killed him off. I wanted to see more of him.

vanethe1909d ago

agreed , i loved the action scene at the queen's mansion + tommy moving on +the island story.

neoragex1907d ago

Totally agree. Honestly, I enjoyed him in this episode far more than I have deadshot in all three of his appearances! Poker to the chest seems pretty final though, plus they zipped him up, so...

I have to say, killing him felt incredibly wasteful. The one thing Arrow doesn't have going for it is engaging villains, outside of the flashbacks, and Mr. Blank could have easily been an interesting recurring villain. He was far better than "the count" or deadshot. Killing him like that was poor writing. I hope this doesn't become the norm on the show.