Supernatural: "Pac-Man Fever": IGN Review

Charlie Signs Up For “How To Be A Hunter 101”.

In “Pac-Man Fever,” Felicia Day returned to Supernatural as Charlie Bradbury, the geeky-cool hacker friend of the Winchesters. It wasn’t that long since we last saw Charlie, it was only a handful of episodes ago that Sam and Dean joined her on a LARPing excursion. Since Charlie’s snarky banter with the boys is always welcome, I’m not complaining about seeing her again so soon; it’s nice to see the show building up some recurring characters outside of the heavy mythology episodes.

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alycakes1882d ago

This was one of the best episodes with Felicia Day. I love it when Charlie appears...she adds more to the show. It's getting good and almost to the finale so they have to get to the final trial.

neoragex1879d ago

*Tossed beer ends up on the floor* "This is why we can't have nice things Sam."

Simple one liners like that are part of the reason I love this show.