New 'After Earth' Trailer Shows M. Night Has No Idea How Evolution Works

I wouldn't say I was at all optimistic that M. Night Shyamalan would ever make a decent movie again after the Airbender debacle, but I did assume he knew the theory of evolution. I guess not, though.

Seriously, watch this new After Earth TV spot. So... every animal on Earth has evolved specifically to kill humans over the course of a mere 1,000 years... the 1,000 years that no human beings were actually on the planet? Right. Got it. And you say Earth Day didn't save the planet? Someone grab me a monocole, so it can fly off my face in total shock!

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Garethvk1853d ago

Is is just me or does anyone else have little interest in this one? It just looks bland to me.

alycakes1853d ago

I'm not sure how good this film would be. I like Will Smith but his choices haven't been that good lately.

Arcee1851d ago

Yeah, I think some of the last few Smith movies (I Am Legend, Hancock, Seven Pounds) have been iffy, but I did like Men In Black 3 (surprisingly). Also, not quite sure how I feel about Shyamalan at the helm, but I do like Jaden Smith also. I'm willing to give this one a shot if for any other reason than it being a sci-fi flick.

frelyler1852d ago

How stupid will the author of this article look when it turns out they actually traveled back in time. That would explain the saber tooth tiger I think. People really should wait and see a movie before they comment.

abc12331851d ago (Edited 1851d ago )

Or that this was artificial evolution. If anything, this article has demonstrated how stupid the writer is.

aDDicteD1847d ago

you might be correct, it might have been just an evolutionary phase, the purpose of the saber teeth is to tackle out larger prey and in that world everything looked more evolved but then again, they should have at least changed the physical attributes of that cat because it really shows how lazy the production is by just simply copying exactly a replica of an extinct sabertooth tiger.

champey691851d ago

In the trailer he says that everything on the planet has evolved to kill humans, and that they are the first humans to step on the planet in 1000 years. It doesn't say all that happened in 1000 years. More like everything evolved to kill humans and became to difficult to live on the planet so all the humans left, and they just happen to be the first ones to return since the last ones left 1000 years ago.

aDDicteD1847d ago

the statement they made is laughable, why did everything in the planet evolved to kill humans in the first place? animals evolve for their own personal gain and it molds itself to adapt to its ecosystem for purposes of protection or for survival. unless humans in that world are exclusively prey item, which is unlikely even in the stone age men are the dominant predators. silly m night shyamalan.

aDDicteD1847d ago

The film looks well crafted but i do not have anymore faith in m night shyamalan who always makes potentially good movies turn into mediocre. since the sixth sense he never made a strong movie and year after year his movies look potentially good in the trailer and when you watch the final product you will feel disappointed. but i do hope this will break the mediocre streak .