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Watch an Action Packed Clip from Iron Man 3

Clickonline writes: "It’s the set up for a more intimate film, which is obvious in every element from the relationships to the scale of the action. As further evidence, we’ve tracked down a clip from the film which details The Mandarin’s attack on Tony’s opulent Malibu home. And Stark’s fairly typical reaction. It involves a piano."

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Sahil1906d ago

great action and effects but the mandarin was a HUGE dissapointment. They lost a great opportunity to show the main iron man villain. It was like having the joker in a batman movie, and in the end not use him.

aDDicteD1905d ago

that malibu attack clip looks like a bad ass moment, they overly show this in the trailers, i cant help but think how will that assault end, cannot wait to see this in theaters.