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Tai Chi Zero is about a guy named Lu Chan who was born with a horn on his head. Whenever this horn is struck, he becomes extremely powerful but it also shortens his lifespan. After he is told that his style of martial arts is slowly killing him, he goes to a faraway village to learn Chen style Kung-Fu because it will help him recover. Once he gets there no one wants to teach him Kung-Fu because he is an outsider. Lu Chan eventually has to stand up for the villagers when the government tries to get everyone to leave their homes so they can build a rail track through it.

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Sahil1908d ago

Isnt there a sequel coming out to this? I'm sure heard about it somewhere.

aDDicteD1908d ago

the concept is flat out silly...the choreography might be decent but overall it might be a waste of time. i never saw this film and i never plan to see it. if you want a waste of time but probably entertaining kind of film grab a copy of this in bluray. if you want a more serious top notch kung fu film i recommend IP Man.