Low-Quality Sneak Peek at First Trailer For Thor: The Dark World


A sneak peek at tomorrow's trailer debut for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World recently aired on TV, and low-resolution shot from the teaser has revealed the first look at Tom Hiddleston's new look as Loki!

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TheDailySuperHero1911d ago

Loki imprisoned and about to be set free.....yeeessss!!!

aDDicteD1910d ago

I'm glad that they showed him on the trailer.

Sahil1903d ago

I notice marvel/disney is releasing an awful lot of shots of cap winter soldier and thor even thought those wont release for quite sometime. Hmm it appears there trying to distract us from something.....

look its a bird! Its a plane! ....

Crazay1910d ago

No need to wait for the trailer release now. Here it is.

Sahil1908d ago

Holy moly.. this looks good.