Robert De Niro, Shia LaBeouf in Talks to Play Father-Son Spy Duo

THR Heat Vision:
Paramount is making a play on a package that includes Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro and director D.J. Caruso.

The studio is picking up Spy’s Kid, a Catch Me If You Can-style story set in the world of espionage with LaBeouf and De Niro attached to play a son-father spy duo under Caruso's direction. The helmer worked with LaBeouf on the actor's breakout hit Disturbia as well as Eagle Eye.

Raymond Brothers and Scott Glassgold of IAM Entertainment are on board to produce.

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FullMetalTech1859d ago

I thought he was done with Hollywood after his last rant.

aDDicteD1855d ago

i have a feeling this wont work unless it is a light action more on comedy type of film. de niro is good in a solid drama like godfather or solid comedy like meet the parents..not much in betweeners, unlike shia who is the exact opposite he cannot immerse himself in purely on comedy because it looks corny and he is not yet that developed in dramatic scenes, but is notably an actor that can excel on right projects, i hope the movie will showcase that they compliment each other if ever this project happens.

Sahil1852d ago

The combo seems good, everything that de niro touches turns to gold.