Sony Sets 2014 Release Date For '21 Jump Street' Sequel

EW: Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are heading back undercover. Sony announced at its CinemaCon presentation that it will release a 21 Jump Street sequel sometime in 2014. A followup was never in doubt, after the crafty comic remake of the 1980s babyfaced-cop show made $138 million. In fact, Variety reported last year that Sony closed a deal for Hill and Michael Bacall to write the sequel before the original had even opened. EW called the comedy, “Fast, cheeky, and very funny.”

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KingPin1856d ago

i thought this movie was pretty funny.
they didnt look young enough to be in school but if you overlook that fact its pretty good.
didnt like that they killed depp on his guest appearance as well but thats small things.

looking forward to the sequel.

aDDicteD1848d ago

jonah hill at some point could be believable as younger than his actual age because of his baby face appearance but i cannot say the same as channing tatum he no doubtely looks like a full grown man. the whole generic scenario isnt that much of an issue because it was entertaining enough.

Sahil1848d ago

Going to really push the boundaries of believability if they play pretend teens again! And yes, I know that was part of the joke the last time.

aDDicteD1848d ago

a sequel is never in doubt certainly but i do hope a cleverly written script would also transpire because as much as i like the film, i do not think it would be wise to do the same undercover formula again. they must bring something different to the table if they want to push another film afterwards.