'Avengers' Star Tom Hiddleston in Early Talks to Lead Relativity's 'The Crow'

TheWrap: Tom Hiddleston may be flying from super villain to superhero, as "The Avengers" star is in early discussions to play Eric Draven in Relativity Media's reimagining of "The Crow," individuals close to the project have told TheWrap.

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Hergula1828d ago

Tom Hiddleston for The Crow Reboot? F*** Yes!

Sahil1819d ago

Tom was wonderful as Loki! His manic glee in Thor & The Avengers would be awesome for The Crow! While Brandon Lee is always going to be only Eric Draven, Tom is going to be a great Crow!

Tony131751828d ago

I think he's a better choice then McAvoy was, but I was still rooting for Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the role personally.

Sahil1819d ago (Edited 1819d ago )

James McAvoy would also have been great for this. But, Nevertheless, Tom is going to be brillaint.

aDDicteD1819d ago

i think joseph gordon levitt might have a chance, face wise it looks a long shot but i remembered him portraying cobra commander in GIJoe and he looks unrecognizable for his portrayal. i think that would be his advantage but between him, mcavoy and tom...i think tom has the overall package style wise.

ironfist921827d ago

Wow. He would actually make an excellent crow. Wonder how he'll compare to Brandon Lee

Sahil1819d ago

While I love me some Brandon Lee, the original screenplay was horrid. I'll be interested to see what evils they visit upon the text in this incarnation, and hope against hope that it will follow the graphic novel a bit more closely

aDDicteD1826d ago

after his job well done for holding his own as loki in the avengers, i guess no one can strongly complain if he gets a early frontliner nod in the planned crow reboot.

Sahil1819d ago

The Crow is my all time favorite movie. It's a classic that defines a generation. They will reboot it because there is money to be made and original stories are a thing of the past. It will never be the close to the original. Goodluck, the studio will need it.