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Metal Arcade: Zack Kircher writes:

While marred by sentimentality and some formulaic plot points, 42 is a great telling of the quintessential tale of racial prejudice in sports.

Sports dramas have been done time and time again, especially films that document the struggles of African-American integration during the Civil Rights Era. Ranging from Remember the Titans to Glory Road, the subgenre has covered racism in sports such as football, basketball and boxing. However, for the longest time Hollywood seemed to have forgotten perhaps the greatest of these stories – Jackie Robinson’s MLB career. Not only was he a great player to begin with, Robinson was the first African-American to break the color barrier in major league baseball, setting a huge precedent for civil rights movements in sports leagues thereafter. Now that Hollywood is adapting this great story to film with 42, has Jackie Robinson received the big screen treatment he deserves?

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RetrospectRealm1890d ago

I had only learned of this film's existence like a couple weeks before it came out. It looks like it could be good, but I'm afraid to waste money on it to see it in theaters when I could just wait for the DVD.

aDDicteD1885d ago

i also do the same, i watched moneyball only on blu ray and not in the theater, it was a great movie but i was glad on my decision, because i only go to the movies when the film is certified good and is among my favorites.

Sahil1882d ago

Wendell Smith and Jackie Robinson actually met even earlier than the Boston try out when Jackie faced a court martial while in the Army for insubordination for not going to the back of a bus when ordered to. Thankfully Jackie was exonerated and this terrible experience for Jackie went a long way towards Branch Rickey choosing him to be the first black major league ballplayer.

aDDicteD1881d ago

i will give this film a shot, it consistently gets favorable reviews and features harrison ford. i hope there would be a lot of actual games shown even though i am not that familiar with baseball overall.