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The Geek Link writes - Malc & The Fat Kid Movie Reviews is a new feature on The Geek Link! Join Malcolm and Ryan while they cover the latest movies and give their opinions on the latest big screen debuts.

This week it’s Oblivion, the Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster. Was it better than Scary Movie 5? Of course it was, but should you see it? Sit down and find out on the latest episode of Malc & The Fat Kid Movie Reviews.

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Sahil1848d ago

Wow, that little action in that movie? Sounds like I seen all the good stuff in the trailers.

aDDicteD1847d ago

i do not agree partially on the review, the slow pacing in the first act was a given but in a good way, there are some point they could improve on plot wise. the machinery designs really good. the review made by this guys noted a lot of similarities in the movie on other sci fi movies and games but i probably didnt watch some old sci fi movies they mentioned thats why i cannot distinguish oblivion from being a copycat.