Star Trek Into Darkness Clip: Disruption

Yahoo!: Benedict Cumberbatch has taken his brooding-bad-guy-thing up a notch, in this brand new viral trailer for ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’, lovingly titled ‘Disruption’.

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Sahil1852d ago

I am so excited for this film! Thank goodness it's my sister's Birthday around that date, that gives us an excuse to go several times. Once will not be enough.

An issue is that because I LOVE Benedict Cumberbatch, I'm sort of rooting for the villan - even though I have been reminded by my mum that he will probably get killed off!

aDDicteD1851d ago

this will definitely be a blockbuster, i cannot wait for it to come out. the villain in this film would definitely be one of the best villains just like how javier bardem and heath ledger did skyfall and dark knight respectively.

Sahil1849d ago

^^ I wouldn't go to that level, maybe a decent villian but no the stature of Heath Ledger and Javier Bardem.