New Man Of Steel Image Of Henry Cavill As Superman Surfaces

CBM: After witnessing that magnificent new trailer for Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel I am drooling with anticipation. Hit the jump to see a brand new image of Henry Cavill as a stoic Superman.

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NewMonday1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

not liking the dark, over dramatic tone of the remake, it worked for batman because he is a dark character in a dark city with dark stories. Superman is supposed to be somewhat of an antithesis of that with bright metropolice and stories about adventure. the tone of the Avengers movie would have been perfect for him.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

That "tone of the Avengers" thing didn't exactly sit so well with the Green Lantern. Leave the bright & happy wappy stuff to Marvel. Let DC take the darker & more serious tone with the JL. Then just pick your poison. Variety never hurt anyone :b

Plus it isn't exactly a "dark" tone it's just a more of a "grounded to reality" tone. Also isn't Superman's story kinda dark anyway? It was never really shown as dark but it isn't the happiest of stories. You know, planet bursting, parents dying...

NewMonday1883d ago

tone isn't everything, the problem with GL was the story.

and the DCU is supposed to be one with more fantastic stuff and Marvel more grounded.

this is my only problem with the Superman movie so far, everything else looks great.

Soldierone1883d ago

Tired of this "realistic" stuff. Its a friggin superhero for crying out loud.

Marvel is more grounded characters, DC is more about the hero not the person....

Plus you can make it "realistic" without making it all dark....With a good writer that is. Hollywood seems to be lacking those.

Simon_Brezhnev1883d ago

i agree with you Soldierone. It's a superhero movie why the hell should it be anything remotely realistic.

ironfist921883d ago

I take it you havent read or watched more into Superman other than the mainstream stuff you've already seen.

NewMonday1883d ago

read and watched plenty, that's why I'm not comfortable with this.

aDDicteD1874d ago

the new superman film is not as dark and realistic as batman and its not as marvelous as avengers either. i think the tone is great it is in the middle of realism and fantasy like watchmen (another synder movie). while i agree that superman lives in a bright metropolis setting the villains are dark as well and be reminded that they are setting up a justice league so a middle ground must be reached.

MaleManSam1883d ago

I really wish his arm bands were red too. It so distracting to me that they are just blue. I don't even know why ahahaha

Porcelain_Chicken1883d ago

Probably because we're used to more red on the costume. The red trunks really added a fair share of color lol, either way the costume looks awesome.

aDDicteD1882d ago

I like the costume but many have mentioned that. Maybe they will put some minor changes on his costume on the sequel.

Sahil1877d ago

The suit looks great. It looks like a super hero costume and other worldly. He was wrapped in that suit by his father. The suit in the other movies were spandex. He's from another world, so he shouldn't be wearing something you can buy at party city

Hergula1883d ago

Haha, a new post about 1 picture that reveals absoloutly nothing... cool!

RetrospectRealm1883d ago (Edited 1883d ago )

haha People do it all the time! Glad you like it. :)

Hergula1883d ago

Hehe, I just thought that the new pic would reveal something :)

aDDicteD1882d ago

I noticed that as well. This always happens on the must see/much awaited movies.

kingPoS1883d ago

I'm getting a Bioshock vibe from that picture. lol Looking forwards to this Superman (begins) movie.

RetrospectRealm1883d ago

MoS should've went with titling like the TDK Trilogy.

Superman Starts Batman Begins
Man Of Steel The Dark Knight
Man Of Steel Ascends The Dark Knight Rises

aDDicteD1874d ago

nice suggestion, i think given the chance nolan would have renamed batman begins and started of as dark knight if he knew how successful it would be. man of steel on the other hand will be very tricky to be titled but the word" ascends" or ascension looks catchy especially if he would go up against doomsday.

Anthotis1883d ago

He's got the right chin for the role.

RetrospectRealm1883d ago

He was born to play Superman.

aDDicteD1882d ago

thumbs up! i was going to say that as well haha.. he's perfect for that role.

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