The Daily Rotation - Scary Movie 5 Review

Wilson of The Daily Rotation wrote, "The Scary Movie franchise was pretty good at the start. It’s actually what helped lift Anna Faris’ career to what she has now. Even when the Wayans dropped out, Faris stuck with the Scary Movie franchise all the way though the fourth, which was fairly awful itself. After that, she decided to call it quits with the franchise and move on to less embarrassing roles. When you lose the one constant throughout a series, it can’t be good."

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aDDicteD1884d ago

they should have stopped doing this after the 4th film, anna faris was good in this movies, i think the 1st film and 4th film were relatively entertaining but still bad and the rest of the films part 2, 3 and 5 were irrelevant. overall this franchise is forgettable after watching type of films.