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First Poster Released For 'Thor: The Dark World'


The first poster has been released for 'Thor: The Dark World.'

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Hergula1375d ago

Looks really good, I would have nothing against that pic actually being the box cover, it is simple, yet intriguing.

RetrospectRealm1375d ago

The box cover is ways away.

Hergula1374d ago

Has it already been released? Havnt heard anything about a box cover.

RetrospectRealm1374d ago

The first photo has only just been released... why would we have heard anything about a box cover...

Hergula1373d ago

Haha, yeah but then what is the problem with me thinking that this poster would actually make a good box cover?

RetrospectRealm1375d ago

I'm loving this poster. Rainy, lighting storm, yeahhhh...

LOL_WUT1374d ago

Natalie Portman mm definitely going to watch this.

Sahil1367d ago

exactly my thoughts ;D

hazelamy1374d ago

Tom Hiddleston's in it?
didn't know he'd be back.

i'd have thought Loki would have taken it easy after his encounter with the Hulk. ^_^

aDDicteD1374d ago

the poster looks great, chris hemsworth facial expresion looks like he is in trouble, they should have made him look sharper, the background looks fantastic.

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