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Christmas has come extremely early or extremely late, depending on how you look at it. Once again, due to the four-month delay engineered by the higher-ups at NBC who also brought Smash back for a second season (great job, guys), we are getting a woefully mis-timed holiday episode from the Greendale Seven. It really should also be called the Greendale Six at this point, because we are beginning Pierce’s two-episode absence from the show (Chevy will begrudgingly appear for his final paycheck in the Season/possible-Series Finale). He apparently is in “sensitivity training,” which is code for lazy writing. Seriously, Pierce misses a party on Christmas Eve because of a class he’s in? He has better luck at finding a bank open this time of year.

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aDDicteD1820d ago

i have not watch this yet. comedy series are not really my favorites. the only comedy series i remember watching is friends and 70s show.