Pacific Rim Director Guillermo Del Toro Addresses Transformers Comparisons

CBM: Both directors Michael Bay and Guillermo del Toro have been at CinemaCon this week; the former is promoting Pain & Gain, while the latter is representing Pacific Rim. During Bay's presentation, he talked about his Transformers film and how there have been some "rip-off" robot movies. He didn't name any titles, but he was likely referring to recent films Battleship and Real Steel. Of course, many were wondering if Bay was referring to Pacific Rim as well, but insiders close to him "highly doubt it".

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ironfist921863d ago

Transformers doesnt even deserve to be mentioned with Pacific Rim.

Del Toro shows how Robots are MEANT to be portrayed.

aDDicteD1853d ago

the visual effects might be the same but the overall story and execution might definitely showcase the more superior movie and of course im referring to pacific rim.