According to Sly, Wesley Snipes Is Now Expendable

The Hergula: In 2010, Wesley Snipes began serving his three-year prison sentence for misdemeanor failure to file U.S. Federal income tax returns, he has now been released from prison. It looks like Wesley Snipes already has an offer on the table that would get him right back onto the big screen. Sylvester Stallone tweeted: “Wesley Snipes is BACK!!!! … …with US.”, and if that means anything, it is that Wesley Snipes will be acting in “The Expendables 3″. With Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan rumored to act in the movie, it seems as if Sly wants even more 80´s and 90´s action stars to appear in his already star-filled cast of “The Expendable” series. While nothing is yet confirmed, it does seem very likely that Wesley Snipes will be acting alongside Sly in the upcoming “The Expendables 3″.

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aDDicteD1858d ago

wesley snipes in the third installment of the expendables is a real good treat. sly is really doing a good job involving superstars from the 90's, like van damme in the second, snipes might make a very interesting comeback in the third film. i also hope he makes another blade movie along the way.

Hergula1858d ago

I agree, especially with Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan rumored to appear as well, while I do hope Snipes gets a decent role.

aDDicteD1855d ago

if jackie chan indeed gets the nod to join the third expendables, i wont be surprised if they over utilize him and he might as well overshadow most of the crew including wesley snipes and possibly nicholas cage. jackie chan has a more prominent career and is highly charismatic among audiences.

Hergula1855d ago

Completely true, I think that Jackie would actually bring a good touch to the third installment.

KingPin1858d ago

i feel sorry for the young generation. they wont have action stars like how we had in the 80/90s all in one movie.
there are no action stars these days apart from cristian bale.
im thinking for future expendables we need keanu reeves and tom cruise as well as bale. that would be pretty bad ass.

aDDicteD1855d ago

another action star from this generation that i think of is dwayne "the rock" johnson, his inclusion in Gi joe, fast five, snitch, faster etc really impressed me. however, just as mentioned, the action stars from the late 80's to 90's have a fully loaded roster of badass.

KingPin1855d ago

speaking of fast five, vin diesel is another one that should be added. would fit in quite well i think.

ironfist921857d ago

Where the hell is Michael Jai White?!

Sahil1851d ago

Wesley snipes is the smoothest mofo alive.

aDDicteD1848d ago

yeah micheal jai white aka spawn should be rightfully included he also had done several low budget action flicks and has his own charisma with his fans.