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Clickonline writes: "Olympus Has Fallen gains some accidental prescience by pitching North Korea as its primary enemy and a few laughs for the mean spirited but is otherwise a dull, dry experience in milking better films for dollars."

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Sahil1822d ago

Just saw it. Thought it was good. Yeah there were a tones of clichés and plot holes. But it kept a quick pace. Nice one liners and tones action.
Reminded me of Die Hard 1... alot.

aDDicteD1822d ago

its a good entertaining film yes, but compared to other releases that recently came out, i dont think ill get this on bluray or dvd, it entertained me and the performances are great but i felt already satisfied with that as of the moment, it might have a 1 or 2 replay value but i dont see watching it again and again.