Rumours Suggest ‘Friends’ is Reuniting

Suck My Trend - Is Friends going to make a return to your TV screen sometime soon? Rumours have been circulating on the internet recently suggesting that the much loved comedy is set to return.

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alycakes1858d ago

You know...I liked Friends but I really don't even care about seeing a reunion or them getting a show back together.

Hergula1858d ago

I doubt that will happen, especially with everyone doing their own thing nowadays... BUT if this was to happen, I would definitely watch.

RetrospectRealm1857d ago

Like the Seinfield reunion?

I really don't care about a Friends reunion. What I want to see, even though the show didn't end that long ago, is a King Of Queens reunion.

Sahil1850d ago

I'd be absolutely over the moon if this comes true.

aDDicteD1849d ago

The reaction of Jennifer Aniston says it all.. that this reunion is not happening.