The Best of Tom Cruise

33 films. About half of those have grossed over $100 million domestically. Lifetime gross of over $3 billion domestically, over $7 billion worldwide. Impressive stats to say the least. As one of the all-time biggest box office draws, Tom Cruise has had one impressive career thus far. With Oblivion expected to open at #1 this weekend, I look back over Tom Cruise’s career and pick what I feel are his top 10 movies.

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aDDicteD1863d ago

the best top 10 movies mentioned in the article was straightly accurate. tom cruise is a very charismatic actor and could easily carry a film. He also gave good portrayals in tropic thunder and interview with a vampire.

ironfist921862d ago

No mention of The Last Samurai? Seriously? I freaking loved that movie.

aDDicteD1853d ago

i forgot about the last samurai, that story was good as well, i have not seen days of thunder so i cannot give an opinion on that but i think last samurai is better than collateral which was included in the list.

Sahil1854d ago

Jerry Maguire, Top Gun, Rain Man are some of my all time favorites of Tom Cruise.