Joss Whedon Teases His Marvel-ous Future Plans

ET Online: "For the last 16 years, the voice of one man has rung louder in my brain than any other as the worlds, characters, scenarios, lessons and lines Joss Whedon ushered into reality resonantly deeply within all levels of my consciousness, turning me into a lifetime card carrying member of The Whedonverse."

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alycakes1828d ago

I can't wait to see any of his projects as they come out.

aDDicteD1821d ago

a lot of people are praising singer for x men, but i think if whedon gets to hold x men it might be as good as the avengers. i hope whedon as much as possible be accessible in almost all marvel movies such as x men, avengers and fantastic 4 and someday tie them up together.

Sahil1819d ago

Joss Whedon is to movies and tv-shows what Valve is to video games. As soon as his name is attached to ANYTHING, I know it will be good. :)