First Trailer for Zombieland the Series Online


The first trailer for Amazon's adaptation of Zombieland is now here! Check it out below. The pilot will be available for free soon at this link.

The "Zombieland" pilot comes from the feature film's original creative team, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (G.I. Joe: Retaliation, "The Joe Schmo Show"), and producer Gavin Polone ("Gilmore Girls," "Curb Your Enthusiasm"). Eli Craig (Tucker and Dale vs. Evil) is directing the pilot. The part of Tallahassee will be played by Kirk Ward (The Island), Maiara Walsh ("Desperate Housewives," "Switched at Birth") is cast as Wichita, Tyler Ross (Milkshake) will play Columbus, and Izabela Vidovic has the role of Little Rock.

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Crazay1768d ago


That's what we're getting instead of a proper sequel?


SouthClaw1767d ago

I agree however originally Zombieland was a TV show it was just that none of the networks thought the idea would work so it never got pulled up so the creators ended up mashing it all up into a movie.

Crazay1767d ago

Sure. I'm good with the knowledge of that but doesn't this look incredibly low rent to you?

SouthClaw1767d ago

Hell yes this looks low budget lol I am seriously disappointed with this. I would have preferred a proper sequel than what they have come up with.

I probably won't be watching it. I might give it a go but I cannot see myself enjoying it. Is this a show produced by Amazon? I saw no network affiliation with it.

Sahil1758d ago

Yeah, not that interesting but still worth a shot.

alycakes1767d ago

I was so sad too when they didn't do a sequel. I might watch the pilot but I probably won't keep up with the entire show.

aDDicteD1758d ago

the first film looked like a very good pilot episode but seriously they should have done a proper film sequel. a different situation will still be awesome. woody and company can still carry the movie by themselves.

Best-Horror-Movies1767d ago

It's a sad day to see this come out. LAME.

You can watch the full Pilot episode now on Amazon

Sahil1763d ago

I have to admit, this was pretty damn good. Give credit where it's due guys, this was impressive.

Crazay1762d ago

really? did you watch it? I haven't. Don't even think I can get it up here in Canada.

ironfist921767d ago

I give it two episodes...

Sahil1763d ago

I think they picked the wrong actors to act like different actors. Could be a cool idea if they just started off with different characters.

aDDicteD1758d ago

they should have done it in an entirely different situation. woody, gwen stacy, little miss sunshine and mark zuckerburg are big shots and hard to follow, so why did they even try to copy them?