New Trailer For The Lone Ranger Hits


Check out the brand new theatrical trailer for Walt Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer's upcoming take on legendary Texas lawman John Reid (Armie Hammer) and his trusty sidekick Tonto (Johnny Depp).

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Crazay1834d ago

Not a bad trailer. Looks like it's going to be exactly what I expected.

aDDicteD1832d ago

good trailer, it transparently shows the fun filled adventure movie fans are expecting. just like alice in wonderland, johnny depp provides depth in the supporting role.

Sahil1830d ago

I got no problem with deep playing a native Indian. All those trying to say that's the same as jet li playing lincoln are just idiots. Remember Ben kingsley in gandi... He's English and played the other type of Indian. I think he pulled it off, don't u?!