Tarzan Remake Cancelled... For Now

The Hergula: “Tarzan” remake was rumored to hit the big screen and start production within a year, with the lead actors already in place, as Alexander Skarsgård was set to play Tarzan and Jessica Chastain would´ve been Jane. Not only that but David Yates, most commonly known for directing several Harry Potter films, was supposed to direct the upcoming “Tarzan” reboot. Now it seems as if Warner Bros has buried the idea, for the time being. Deadline reported that there were issues over the budget and problems persuading Jamie Foxx to play a character in the film. Even though the production was never greenlit, the hype made “Tarzan” one of the most anticipated films. While very little is still known about whether or not the movie will be picked up, but for now, the “Tarzan” remake has been cancelled.

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Hergula1893d ago

I have nothing against it either but It would´ve been great to see a Tarzan movie.

aDDicteD1892d ago

a tarzan remake is interesting, i hope the project gets revived soon. the supposed lead character to play tarzan is a really fine choice, i saw him in the movie remake straw dogs and he really is a big dude, jessica chastain would be perfect to play jane.

Sahil1885d ago

^^ Agree. Jessica chastain wud be ideal choice too after seeing her in zero dark thirty.