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RPad.TV's Raymond Padilla reviews Oblivion, starring Tom Cruise. Here's an excerpt, "Oblivion is an undeniably beautiful movie. It’s full of scenes that look amazing and will dazzle moviegoers. The movie’s story is the easiest part to criticize. I understand why some people feel that it borrows from several other sci-fi films and mashes them up into a hodgepodge that doesn’t quite work. I disagree with that opinion. For me, Oblivion was just on the right side of the line between having a plot that’s entertainingly smart and one that’s too clever for its own good (see Prometheus). While I don’t think it will go down as a sci-fi classic, it’s a fun movie that deftly blends drama and action, while topping it off with a bit of romance."

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Sahil1855d ago

I feel asleep during the last 30 min and before that i wanted to go to sleep from the start but figured "hey this movie might catch my interest " ...... Never again -___-

aDDicteD1855d ago

as post apocalyptic movies are concerned, this is a solid movie, people just tend to make unrealistic expectations just like prometheus. it is clear that the movies strength relies on the cinematography and special effects and seeing it in the movie heightens the experience, the story is straight and it has a good runtime its 2 hours long, i would complain if its an hour and thirty but 2 hours is good.