WB Moving On Justice League With David Goyer In Line To Direct


Has Warner Bros. finally locked down a director for their troubled DC team up flick? Just a Tweet from a reliable source on this so far, but click on to see what a "little bird" apparently told AMC's John Campea..

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Crazay1892d ago

Well...I would think that with all the positive surrounding Man of Steel, this was an absolute no brainer. Hopefully WB/DC has their shit together for change. Looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

TheDailySuperHero1892d ago

This was debunked. Goyer is not directed but he is writing the script.

Crazay1892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

The source hasn't changed the title but the screen writer tag was used. So still an accurate post. Especially since you used a garbage report type that can;t be removed/corrected by the poster.

ajax171892d ago

I hope he doesn't. The movies he has directed sucks! He's a good writer though.

Magnagamer2221892d ago (Edited 1892d ago )

This is long overdue. Who would you like to see portray your favorite superheroes? Wonderwoman-Gina Carano, Aquaman-Paul Walker, Martian Manhunter-Idris Elba, Flash-Dane Cook.

Crazay1892d ago

I'm not sure I can get behind some of your casting choices here magna. Paul walker is OK for the part but for some reason I can't see him pulling it off - he's not exactly the poster child for great acting. Dane cook....? Really?! Love the mans stand up but The credibility of the series would likely be out the window immediately.

Magnagamer2221891d ago

The only reason I endorse Dane Cook because I recently seen him in 'Answers to Nothing' and he has some chops on him. Doing Flash would be a great fit for him because his humor fits the character. I could probably do better than Paul but I can so see him in the suit.

OSIRUSSS1891d ago

The flash has to be Bradley Cooper. Give Aqua to one of the Hemsworths that doesn't play Thor.

Sahil1888d ago

I so want to watch this.

aDDicteD1882d ago

david s goyer directing...i bet it wont happen, remember blade trinity, no thanks. snyder should direct, goyer should help in the writing.