Captain America: The Winter Soldier Chase Scene? Over 3 Miles of Cleveland Highway to be Shut Down

The Speculation and rumor is starting to run rampant as Marvel Studios' Captain America: The Winter Soldier prepares to shoot in Cleveland, Ohio. What is fact right now are the details of road and highway closures in and around Downtown Cleveland.

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aDDicteD1856d ago

good news, recently captain america 2 is making strides and makes it known to its audience that this 2nd film is action packed, something the 1st film dreadfully lacked, this might be one of the better sequels in recent years based on the number of good news surfacing regarding this project.

Sahil1854d ago

I hope they give Captain America more of the super solider abilities that he has in the comics. More agility, more stamina and way more acrobatic traits. Sorta like what Blonsky had in The Incredible Hulk. I was kinda disappointed in the way he fought especially since Cap in one of my favorite Marvel character