10 Of The Greatest Spoof Movies

With Scary Movie 5 currently soiling the good name of the cinematic skit, there’s never been a better time to look back at the greatest spoof movies.

From cop thriller parody to martial arts mockery, WOW247's Mark Butler picks out ten of the best big-screen send-ups ever created.

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bytefeast1831d ago

Looking forward to SM5, Snoop and Tyson hells yeah!

aDDicteD1831d ago

the best spoof movie for me is austin powers, even though everything is literally copied one way or another, it provides its own entertainment value.

MrDead1831d ago

I don't think anything out now can top the Naked Gun films, they are just leagues above anything else in this genre..... Hot Shots comes close though.

aDDicteD1821d ago

yup, I liked Naked gun and it kept me laughing. it was really funny even up to now.

Sahil1827d ago

The naked gun and Airplane.. Hell Yeah!